Wood Flooring Calculator

By: Debbie George

December 30, 2021


Calculate the area of your space with this handy calculator.  Also, calculate the amount of material, including waste, that you should purchase for installation. 


The waste factor is the % of additional material needed to cover for any cutting and waste made during the install.  For a standard rectangular space and a standard straight lay install, 10% waste should be enough. If you have a more complex shaped space (i.e. curved walls, angles etc.) or you are installing the flooring in a pattern, you should increase the amount of waste, as you will have to make more cuts during the install.

If your total area is small (under 2,000 s/f) consider increasing the % to a minimum of 15%.

Remember, it never hurts to have a little material left over at the end of the install. This can be stored and used if you get any damage to a few of the boards. If you don't have enough material, it can slow down the whole project significantly.


If you have a prefinished floor, you should always purchase extra material. This is because, if you run out or need to do a small repair and we have to finish more material for your project, the second finish run could be a slightly different shade from the first.

If you are working with reclaimed wood flooring, remember, this is antique wood and will be more weathered/brittle than new material. You should purchase more reclaimed than you would in new material as you can expect some boards to crack/split etc.


If you have any questions as to the amount of material you should purchase for your space feel free to contact us.  (210) 298-9663  //  sales@woodco.odoo.com.